Choosing a Computer

Do you need a new computer? Maybe!

You already have a computer that can access the Internet (you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't) but is it right for supporting your Web site business?

If your business means that you travel a lot then accessing your email on the go is a "must do". Modern smart mobile phones/PDAs can handle this for simple messages but when you are receiving complex information or detailed pictures/diagrams you need a bigger screen, so the laptop computer become the favourite.

If you are home or office based you need to know that you can depend on your computer, so it's not just whether it is fast enough but does it have the right maintenance package. Most people use PCs based on Microsoft Windows and there is a broad base of people who offer a good value maintenance and support for when the warranty runs out.

Don't forget the software: Windows XP comes with most of what you need for accessing the Internet (Internet Explorer and Outlook Express), but you will need to add virus protection and a stronger firewall, and you must keep these up-to-date.

But you will want to get better value from your investment than just using the Internet, so when buying a new machine don't just compare the price against the hardware specification, check what software is included, it can make up half of the price of the package.



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