Connecting to the Internet

What type of Internet connection do I need?

Whether your business is large or small you will need to be connected to the Internet to respond to your on-line customers, but do you need broadband or is dial-up still a good idea?

Firstly there are some simple considerations:

  • Is broadband available in your area?

Broadband is widely available but not all telephone exchanges have been upgraded. Where it is available the "always connected" nature makes it ideal for regular checking of your email. If it is not available then you will need a dial-up package, because your customers will want contact you through email.

  • Will you need to access the Internet when away from base?

Modern mobile phones now come with Internet connection, but this is sometime limited by the service provider. You will want access to your email, so make sure that your phone has the capability and that your mobile package lets you use it.


  • Is Cable available in your area?

Cable providers offer some valuable packages which cover phone, TV and broadband Internet connection. These packages change frequently, so it is best to check out their sites to see if they have a package that suits your needs. If cable is not available you can still have broadband: the offers are getting competitive so check for the best package. A sample of suppliers is shown opposite.

Dial-up v Broadband



Slower but can be accelerated Fast
Only connect when needed Always connected
Uses up a phone line when in use Dedicated link or shared line
Useful if your on the go Fixed location
Reduced risk of compromise Vulnerable to attack

If you spend a lot of time on-line you might find that you can save money moving to Broadband. It does not take long to run up a 20 a month on telephone calls, even at local rate.

You should also check the computer page for information on Virus Checkers and Firewalls.

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